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Our Guarantee 

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Our goal is to have every customer happy and satisfied with their purchase and we will work incredibly hard to assure the quality of all our products.
  • If we accidentally shipped the wrong products to you (i.e., not what you specified on the order), please return them to us within 30 days of receiving. We will gladly ship you the right products and refund your cost of returning the products to us.
  • If you received the product damaged, please return them to us within 30 days of receiving. We will gladly ship you a new one.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product for any other reasons, and return them within 30 days of receiving, then
  1. If the wrapping of the products is intact and the condition of the product is the same resalable format, you may receive 80% credit for refund or exchange.  We charge 20% restocking fees.
  2. If the wrapping of the products has been open, you may receive 60% credit for refund or exchange. We charge 40% restocking fees.
  3. Shipping and handling fees are not subject to refund.
  4. If your order qualifies for our domestic free S&H promotion and then later return it for refund, we will charge you reasonable S&H fees.
  • Please send all return to:

Liberty House Company, at Gainesville, GA 30506.  Please email us for address details sales@echinesemovie.com

  • All returned product must be returned in good conditions in order to warrant any refund.

  • If you receive  free S&H promotion and later return your order, our normal S&H fees will be used to deduct from your refund.


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