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 Below The Lion Rock: Road DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

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Below The Lion Rock: Road

獅子山下: 路

發行商 ﹕IVL (Intercontinental Video Ltd.)
地區碼: All
影像: NTSC
語言/音效: 粵語: Dolby Digital
字幕: 中文(繁體) / 中文(簡體) / 英文

演員 :鄭裕玲  陳玉蓮  施南生  
導演 :許鞍華

片長: 92 mins

- 許鞍華 黃淑儀喜相逢
- 封面巡禮

名人暢敘獅子山 - 導演許鞍華、資深傳媒人林旭華

Region Code : All
Video: NTSC
Audio: Cantonese: Dolby Digital
Subtitle: Chinese (Traditional) / Chinese (Simplified) / English

Actor :Cheng, Yu Ling DoDo  Chan, Yuk Lin  Shi, Nam San  
Director :Hsu, An Hua Ann  

Duration: 92 mins


Road (1978) Director: Ann Hui
Two women from complicated family situations drift into drug addiction via different paths. Under the influence of her parent Mother Fong, an addict, Tsui-Fong (Cheng Yu-ling) becomes a user herself. Misfortune strikes when her live-in boyfriend decides to leave after she becomes pregnant; with the added responsibility of having to care for a baby daughter, she succumbs to the pressure...Meanwhile Siu-Lai (Chan Yuk-lin), to earn a living, becomes a dance-hall girl and subsequently gets into drugs, and eventually ending up the willingly kept woman of a Triad boss. What can social worker Mrs Lee (Wong Shuk-yee) do to bring a ray of hope back into their lives?

Bridge (1978) Director: Ann Hui
@A wooden bridge across a highway is vital to the livelihood to the local residents of a squatters' area and a housing estate. When the government suddenly announces that the wooden bridge is to be dismantled, it raises the residents'

DVD: List Price: US $25.95

Sale Price: US$14.95

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