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The Eagle Shooting Heroes DVD - Dong Cheng Xi Jiu

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Martial Art Comedy

114 Minutes


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The Eagle Shooting Heros (1993)

- AKA: Dong Cheng Xi Jiu (1993)


Starring: Brigitte Lin , Joey Wong , Maggie Cheung , Leslie Cheung, Veronica Yip, Carina Lau and Kenny Bee

Director: Jeff Lau

Brigitte Lin is the 3rd Princess with unstable/partial martial arts skills who seeks to win back her kingdom. Leslie Cheung is the younger fellow disciple who fell in love with Brigitte. Joey Wong is in love with her fellow disciple Leslie and runs after Leslie after Leslie left together with Brigitte. Jacky Cheung is the handsome leader of the Beggar sect who is in love with his cousin Joey.

Carina Lau and Kenny Bee are men who are in love with each other. Tony Leung Ka Fai is a Dali prince who is engaged to Brigitte but is seeking for his true love (Leslie) as he will become an immortal when his true love says "I love you" 3 times.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai, a scoundrel, is having an affair with his cousin Veronica Yip (the Empress) and wants to rule the Kingdom and marry the 3rd princess Brigitte. Maggie Cheung is the Grand Vizier who owes a magical pair of express boots and a magic crystal ball, Throw in 3 monsters such as a dinosaur, a bird and a gorilla. Everybody who swallows a scorpion or hairy crab can be controlled by the beating of drums where color indicates control over either male or female.

DVD: List Price: $US17.95

Sale Price: US$12.95

Language: Mandarin / Cantonese

Subtitle: English / Chinese

All Regions (DVD can be played on any DVD player in the world)

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Rating: IIA - "Some Content May Be Inappropriate For Children" (roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "PG-13") Films rated Category IIA may contain mild violence such as martial arts, mild nudity that is not sexually oriented, mild explicit language and some mild adult situations.