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The Flying Guillotine

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual VCDs

Hong Kong Movie


95 minutes


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The Flying Guillotine 

血滴子  (邵氏電影)

Actor :Chan, Kwun Tai  Lau, Ng Kei  Guk, Fung  
Director :Ho, Meng Hua

Flying Guillotine, The (Shaw Brothers Film)

演員 :陳觀泰  劉午祺  谷峰  
導演 :何夢華  


清雍正皇帝處心積慮  剷除異己  御前侍衛辛康把西域武器血滴子獻皇 能於百步之外  取人首級 神不知  鬼不覺  血滴子密秘組織 在連續幾次暗殺行動後  成員馬騰發現被殺者均為無辜義士  不甘淪為殺人工具  趁夜逃出京城  但雍正並未放鬆追補 ....

VCD: List Price: US $21.95

Sale Price: US$10.95

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese


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Rating: I - Suitable for all audiences (roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "G" or "PG") Films rated Category I contain nothing most parents will consider offensive for their children to see or hear. Nudity, drug use, explicit language, violence and adult situations are largely absent, and if present are seen only briefly and at a moderate level.

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