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  A Kid From Tibet DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Action Adventure



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A Kid From Tibet (1992)


Director: Yuen Biao

Starring: Yuen Biao, Michelle Reis, Nina Li Chi

A stolen sacred urn provides the catalyst for Yuen Biao’s only directorial effort. Similar to Iceman Cometh.

Yuen Biao directs and stars as a naive Tibetan monk sent by his lama to Hong Kong to recover a priceless and powerful ancient relic. Buddhist white magic battles black magic as embodied by the diabolical Yuen Wah and his leather-girl, the ravishing Cheung Man.

DVD: List Price: US $17.95

Sale Price: US$11.95

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)

Full Screen


Rating: UR The board has not rated this film yet.