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Lover's Grief Over The Yellow River DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie


110 Minutes


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Lover's Grief Over The Yellow River (2001)


Director: Feng Xiaoning

Starring: Ning Jing, Paul Kersey, Wang Xinjun

The film has won the following Golden Rooster Awards in 1999: Special Awards, best Actress, Best Music, best Stuns & Artistic Work.

Set in the closing days of WW II in Shaanxi Province, where an American fighter pilot makes a crash landing behind Japanese lines, but is rescued by a unit of the Communist-led 8th Route Army. A small detachment, including a nurse, is detailed to get the pilot to Chinese-held territory, and in route they have a variety of adventures.

 The American pilot saw with his own eyes the unyielding national spirit of the Chinese people as well as the cruelty of the Japanese agressors. He eventually falls in love with the nurse, who, in order to save the American pilot's life, is killed by the Japanese.

"Lover's Grief Over the Yellow River" is China's sole entry into the Foreign Film category of the 2000 Oscars. It is the second in Feng's trilogy of "China Through the Eyes of Foreigners" (Yangren Yanzhong de Zhongguo). The first is "Red River Valley" (Hong He Gu), also starring Ning Jing and Paul Kersey, Ning Jing's real-life American husband. The film won a series of Golden Rooster Awards in 1999, including: Best Actress, Best Music, Best Special Effects, and Special Awards.

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Language: Mandarin

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