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Murder DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Mystery Horror

 94 Minutes


What is Multi-Lingual DVDs?


Murder (1993)


Director: Lawrence Cheng

Starring: Carol Cheng, Damain Lau, Lawrence Cheng

Similar to some of Hitchcock's work, this film is wonderfully paced, cleverly scripted, and beautifully filmed. Contains some sterling camera movement, stunning décor, and a touch of black humor.

The film is filled with a deliciously nasty group of individuals. Do Do Cheng and Damian Lau are in name a married couple, but in reality they really don't like each other. Do Do is an immoral lawyer, while Damian is a greedy money launderer for the triads.

Do Do is involved in a health-care law suit, fixing the case for a doctor who ordered his nurse, Deannie Yip, to give a shot to a now comatose patient. Do Do makes a lot of money and Deannie is fired from her job and has to pay huge compensation to the family of the patient. Meanwhile, Damian has taken on HK$10 million from a particularly dangerous triad head from Thailand to launder.

He comes home one evening to discover that Do Do has found the money and won't give it to him. In a rage he shoots her in the head–and thinking her dead–fixes the blame on someone else. In fact Do Do isn't dead–but the head wound has left her without her memory, in a state of confusion and most oddly it seems to have drained her of all her hateful venom.

The hospital hires a temporary nurse to take care of Do Do–and in a classic shot–the nurse leans into the camera view over a sleeping Do Do and says with sarcastic bitterness “Hello, aren't you dead?” It's of course Deannie Yip–who does her best to make life hell for Do Do.

Damian, on the other hand has a few issues to deal with–a wife he tried to kill and whose memory is slowly returning in bits and pieces, a missing $10MM that he can't find, some restless triads, a frightened partner (Lawrence Cheng) and a cop (Wong Kam-kong) who is very suspicious.

This all makes for an excellent story, which is executed very well thanks to great directing, brilliant acting and some biting dark comedy and suspense.

DVD: List Price: US $22.95

Sale Price: US$8.95

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)

Letter Box

Rating: II - "May be Inappropriate For Children" (Broad rating may be roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "PG-13" to "R". In the late 1980s this rating splintered in two ratings: IIA and IIB) Films rated Category II may contain mild to strong violence, nudity that is usually not sexually oriented, explicit language and adult situations.