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The Road Home - Chinese Movie VCD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie


90 Minutes


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The Road Home


Director: Zhang Yimou

Starring: Zhang Zi Yi

演員 :章子怡  
導演 :張藝謀  




"It would be hard to name another director -- Kubrick, perhaps -- who has created so many masterpieces or near-masterpieces with so few lifetime films. Zhang Yimou started with richly sensual tales (Red Sorghum, Ju Dou, Raise the Red Lantern), moved to sociopolitical epics (To Live, The Story of Qui Ju), and then here, in 1999, presented what might be called a "domestic epic."

A fairly young middle-aged engineer from the city returns to the north China village of his birth right after his father's death. His mother insists that all the old rituals be observed, including hand-carrying the body the many miles back from the city hospital morgue to the village so the deceased will know "the road home."

The man relates the story of how his parents -- an 18-year-old farm girl and a somewhat older teacher sent to the village by the government -- met and fell in love in 1955, and decides that his mother's wishes must be honored.

Most of the movie centers on the earlier love story. It's a shame the more recent "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" made it to these shores first, because Ziyi Zhang, the spitfire young girl of the action flick, is much more incredible in her debut in this movie, aged 20.

 The simplicity and transparency of her emotions, the incredible beauty of her face, are captivating. There is no sex or nudity, not even a kiss, in this intensely romantic film; and the landscape, seasons, and light -- the sound of vegetables being chopped, the chanting of children's voices in school -- are as much stars as Ziyi.

"A gorgeous and moving piece of work."

VCD: List Price: US $19.95

Sale Price: US$9.95

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: Chinese


Rating: I - Suitable for all audiences (roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "G" or "PG") Films rated Category I contain nothing most parents will consider offensive for their children to see or hear. Nudity, drug use, explicit language, violence and adult situations are largely absent, and if present are seen only briefly and at a moderate level.

Please note, this is a VCD.