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Spiritual Kung Fu DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Martial Arts

91 Minutes


What is Multi-Lingual DVDs?


Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)


Director: Lo Wei

Starring: Jacky Chan

Jackie plays an orphan who is raised in a Shaolin Temple. When he is caught neglecting his studies he is punished by being made to guard the sacred books. That night a masked man breaks in and steals the book containing details for one of the most invincible styles of kung fu. The only style that can defeat it is the lost art known as the "Five Fists" style.

The Shaolin temple is in disarray and the Abbot goes into solitary to repent for the sins of the monks (for losing the book). Jackie is also subjected to spending more nights guarding the books. One night a meteor hits and all the books are dislodged freeing five rather odd looking ghosts. As it turns out they are the masters of the "Five Fists" kung fu and see Jackie as the chosen one so they take him as their pupil.

Meanwhile a mysterious man is going around defeating all the kung fu masters using the style of the stolen book and the only man that stands a chance of defeating him is Jackie who, combined with the skills of the ghosts, must rescue the Shaolin Temple.

DVD: List Price: US $22.95

Sale Price: US$8.95

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)

Rating: IIA - "Some Content May Be Inappropriate For Children" (roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "PG-13") Films rated Category IIA may contain mild violence such as martial arts, mild nudity that is not sexually oriented, mild explicit language and some mild adult situations.