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Twins Effect

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Action Drama

120 Minutes


What is Multi-Lingual DVDs?


Twins Effect


Director: Lam, Chiu Yin  

Starring: Cheng, Yi Kin Ekin  Wong, Chau Sang Anthony  Chen, Koon Hei Edison  

演員 : 林超賢  
導演 : 鄭伊健  黃秋生  陳冠希  何超儀  鍾欣桐  蔡卓妍  成龍  莫文蔚

發行商 ﹕Universe Laser & Video Co. Ltd.
語言/音效:粵語/國語(DTS):Dolby Digital 5.1
字幕:中文(繁體)/ 中文(簡體)/英文


常周遊列國的殭屍獵人 (vampire slayer),一種源自歐洲中古的特殊職業,由教會支持的地下獵殺部隊。Reeve(鄭伊健)就是21世紀的殭屍獵人,他面對的敵人,比一千年前前輩面對的更難對付,因為殭屍的能力不斷進化,變成有智慧、有組織團隊,這次捲土重來,更是有備而戰,籍著創世聖典「Day for Night」,殭屍要完成「千機變」任務。

Rating: IIB

It's said which vampire absorbs all six Vampire Princes' blood opens the dark bible "Day For Night".  It can control the human world.

Ace Vampire slayer Reeve and his new partner Gipsy are on this mission, however Reeve's younger sister Helen falls in love with the fifth prince Kazaf, who is a gentle vampire that never hurt human.

One day, The Duke leads thousands of vampires to kill Reeve and to absorb Kazaf's blood, the last one on his killing list. While the Duke is about to open the "Day For Night",

Helen and Gipsy arrive the church and fight against The Duke...

DVD: List Price: US $24.95

Sale Price: US$15.50

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

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