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The Wesley's Mysterious File DVD

Mandarin and/or Cantonese Multilingual DVDs

Hong Kong Movie

Action Adventure Science Fiction

 87 Minutes


What is Multi-Lingual DVDs?


The Wesley's Mysterious File (2002)

衛斯理  藍血人

Director: Andrew Lau

Starring: Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Rosamund Kwan

Wesley (Andy Lau) is responsible for handling all the incidents that relate to extraterrestrial life on Earth (anyone remember the film "2002"?). One day, Wesley meets Fong (Rosamund Kwan) when he is looking at a blue human bone in an antique shop.

Fong is an alien from the Blue Blood Planet, she left her home 600 years ago to look for the Blue Blood Bible. When Wesley tries to help Fong in her search, the Double-X Unit lead by Wai (Roy Cheung) and So (Shu Qi) is ordered to take over the case. At the same time, Kill (Mark Cheung) and Rope (Almen Wong) arrive on Earth from Blue Blood Planet, aiming to take Fong back home...

DVD: List Price: US $23.95

Sale Price: US$9.95

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)

Wide Screen

Rating: IIA - "Some Content May Be Inappropriate For Children" (roughly equal to an MPPA rating of "PG-13") Films rated Category IIA may contain mild violence such as martial arts, mild nudity that is not sexually oriented, mild explicit language and some mild adult situations.