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Working Class DVD

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Working Class (1985)


Director: Tsui Hark

Starring: Sam Hui, Teddy Robin

A funny, original, and classic comedy. One of the few films that feature the brilliant director Tsui Hark as an actor.

A lower-eschelon employee at a noodle plant tries to date the aloof but beautiful daughter of the facility's slave-driving owner, earning him the comic derision of his friends on the line.

Sam Hui is constantly getting fired from jobs often for no reason of his own. Tsui Hark (yes, he also directed and acted in this film) and Teddy Robins are also getting fired from jobs on a regular basis, though in their case it usually is their fault.

The three men meet in a soccer match and end up hating each other until they end up working at the same noodle factory where they bond over their dislike of management (Ng Man-Tat). Ng Man-Tat does everything he can to get them fired, but it always backfires on him.

At the same time Hui has fallen in love with Joey Wong. However, Hui's dislike of rich people he tells Joey that he would never marry a rich girl is problematic for Joey. She is from a very wealthy family and her father is also the chairman of the noodle factory that Hui and his buddies work at and hate with passion. As a result, she doesn't want to tell Hui about her family.

This is an enjoyable film, that follows the crazy lives of three working men. It is somewhat touching at times, has good performances (including by the rarely-seen Tsui Hark) and has a few Sam Hui Tunes thrown in.

DVD: List Price: US $18.95

Sale Price: US$8.95

Language: Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

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